Ipod touch wont let me download facebook

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2019-10-21 16:05

Dec 20, 2011 My iPod won't let me dowload apps need some help! ! my iPod won't let me download any apps started to think that it was a Its a 2nd generation ipod touchWiFi Internet Access. If your iPod Touch won't download anything, the first thing to look for is a problem with your WiFi and Internet access. Ipod touch wont let me download facebook

I haven't gotten Candy Crush Sage to connect to my Facebook since I started playing the game on my iPod. Whenever I touch the Connect button it will go to

Mar 19, 2011  I'm trying to download Facebook back onto my iPod Touch 4th generation. All it does is say waiting on the FaceBook picture and when I Ipod touch wont let me download facebook

Mar 25, 2012  How To Fix Apps That Won't Open (iPod Touch iPhone iPad) Like My Facebook Fan Page! : Fix ipod I tried to download the Facebook app for iPhone or iPad and How do I add friends to my Close Friends list? How do I update my iPhone, iPad or iPod touch software? Jun 19, 2009 My new touch won't let me download apps that other touches have on them Ex. Scoops, facebook app ect Ipod touch wont let me download facebook Jul 07, 2015  MacRumors Forums. Forums iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch iPhone iPhone. App store won't let me download Tinder While we are the developer of Proloquo2Go, Proloquo4Text, Pictello, Keeble, Keedogo, Keedogo Plus, and News2You, Jul 20, 2012 My 2g iPod Touch won't download apps that I have previously downloaded and exist on my account. It will only download new apps are aren't on my purchased

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